Kid’s Spooky Surprise Costume

Dress up in this Kid’s Spooky Surprise Costume, for loads of fun on Halloween night! Complete with ghostly hoodie, and friendly pumpkin bottom ready to join the party.


This Or That?Halloween only comes around once a year, so it can be hard to choose a costume sometimes. Will you be a cat or a witch? A savvy pirate or a bloodied vampire? Perhaps you can’t decide which Lord of the Rings character to be. Kids can have this costume dilemma, too. So why not let your child dress up as two things this year? This Kid’s Spooky Surprise Costume is both a pumpkin costume and a ghost costume, creating lots of opportunities for unique playacting. Product DetailsThis costume is designed as a tunic and attachable headpiece for an easy taking off and putting on experience for you and your child. This ghost is a soft, fuzzy ghost, made out of a white fabric that your child will love stroking. The pumpkin makes up the bottom half of the tunic and has a wide, jack-o’-lantern smile. It’s as if the ghost is rising out of the pumpkin! The headpiece is a hood and has some padding to keep the curled tip of the top in place. Two black eyes sit above your child’s forehead. If you have chilly Halloweens in your area, add a white longsleeved shirt and leggings or pants.A Spooky GourdSometimes, the best costumes are the most simple. This look is two of Halloween’s most popular icons: a pumpkin and a ghost. So why not put them together? Your child will love trick or treating or dancing with their friends in this sweet but spooky outfit!