Kid’s Realistic Raccoon Costume

Now your kiddo can be the cutest one in the forest or costume themed event with our Kid’s Realistic Raccoon Costume!


Give In to the MessYour little one sure knows how to make a mess. You could tell them to clean their room again and again, and yet it seems to never happen. Even after you spend the day tidying it up and making it spotless, within hours they’ve reverted it back to the little dump they call home.Well, we’re not saying to give up but maybe this Halloween it’s time you give in for the day. If they want to live in filth then we have just the costume to accommodate their lifestyle of choice. Our exclusive Realistic Raccoon Costume will be a perfect fit for your kiddo.Raccoons are known for being expert dumpster divers as well as world-class scavengers. Sound familiar? You’ve been living with a little trash panda this whole time! So now it’s time to help them look the part.Details & DesignThis costume may completely change your child’s outward appearance but the transformation is actually quite simple. We pride ourselves on the simplicity behind the outfits in our Made By Us collection and this one is no different.Start by tossing this furry grey jumpsuit on your kiddo. The raccoon’s most identifiable feature, the black and grey ringed tail, is attached to the back of the costume. However, there are no paws attached so be sure to pick up a pair of black gloves and shoes. Once you pop on the headpiece the outfit is complete. It has all the facial features that are beloved; the fluffy ears, adorable masked eyes, and little black nose at the end of the short snout.Put the “Junk” in Junk FoodCelebrate your little one’s messy lifestyle this Halloween when you get them this Realistic Raccoon Costume. They’ll love going all around town dressed as their spirit animal and collecting plenty of junk food. Just make sure their treat bag is full of candy and not literal junk.