Kids Pajama Penguin Costume

Get comfy and cozy with the Kids Pajama Penguin Costume. Watching T.V or playing video games is not complete without being in this cozy pajama costume.


The Birds Who NapPenguins love naps! It’s true, penguins don’t normally sleep overnight like we do. Instead, they like to take a bunch of small naps throughout the day. They also happen to live in some of the coldest places on planet Earth, which means those cute little critters know a thing or two about keeping cozy! Of course, they have a naturally thick skin to keep them warm, so they don’t need to wear a pair of pajamas to stay comfortable, but your child might need a pair to do the job!Our costume designs got to work making an adorable pajama-style costume that’s great for a costume party… or a slumber party! They were inspired by the humble penguin, creating a pajama costume onesie that your child is going to love.Design & DetailsThis Made by Us is an exclusive costume that brings your child the best of two different worlds. Not only does the Kid’s Pajama Penguin Costume help transform your child into an arctic penguin, but it’s also cozy enough to wear for a snooze! The costume comes with a black jumpsuit made out of soft fleece material. The suit fits with a zipper down the front for easy fitting. The back of the jumpsuit has a tiny little tail and the hood is even shaped like a penguin’s face. It has a little yellow beak in front and a pair of embroidered eyes on top. It all combines or an outfit that’s as adorable as it is comfy.Ready for a WaddleWhether you’re looking for a cozy outfit, or a cute costume, this kid’s Penguin Pajamas Costume is a great choice for your child. They’ll be ready to waddle around with their friends, or take a few naps, just like a real penguin!