Kid’s Out of This World Light Up Costume

They are out of this world awesome. Now they can dress to fit the part in this Kid’s Out of This World Light Up Costume. Bodysuit with alien head, and light up flying saucer complete this perfect costume.


Suspicious ActivitiesHas your little one been acting… a little strange. You know, maybe they’re making some strange sounds when no one’s looking. Or maybe they give you odd looks, almost like they’re trying to send you telepathic messages with their mind. Perhaps they’ve even started to look a little bit green in color? Have you ever considered the notion that your child just might be a… DUHN! DUHN! DUHN!… a space alien?Okay, so your child probably is just a normal human, but it’s always fun to imagine! Of course, you can always take it from imagination into reality with this adorable costume! The Kid’s Out of this World Light-Up Costume transforms your toddler into the cutest little space alien that Earth has ever seen.Product DetailsWhile this kid’s alien costume might not actually transform your little one into an extra-terrestrial, but it will give them the classic alien look! It starts with a green top that’s covered in an ultra-soft layer of faux fur. It’s so soft, you almost have to feel it to believe it. It also has a silver piece that fits over your child’s legs. It resembles a U.F.O., complete with colorful accents and faux windows. To finish the whole outfit off, the costume has a bright green headpiece that matches the green top. The headpiece comes with a layer of soft faux fur on the exterior and cartoon eyes in the front. It even features a small antennae on the very top of the headpiece. Once you suit your child up, they might just be ready to explore outer space!The Adorable AlienIf you suspect your child might be an alien, or if you just want an out of this world outfit to dress up your little one, then this cute alien costume is perfect for your child!