Kids Latex Iron Man Infinity Gauntlet: Unleash Marvel Magic

With just one snap, control the powers and save the universe by wearing this Child Iron Man Latex Infinity Gauntlet!


The Power to Change the Universe!Those Infinity Stones are the real deal! When you collect them all, you can change the entire universe with the snap of your fingers! Of course, Thanos wanted to use them to destroy half of all living creatures on the planet (not cool, dude), but we have faith that your child will use them for more noble purposes! First, it might be a good idea to give your child a test run gauntlet! This Iron Man Infinity Gauntlet is the perfect starter gauntlet!Product DetailsThis officially licensed Iron Man Infinity Gauntlet is a kid’s sized glove that recreates the mighty gauntlet from Avengers: Endgame. It’s made out of molded latex material and comes with intricate details from the movie designed right into the exterior of the glove. Each knuckle has an “Infinity Stone” crafted right into it. Once your child has it on, they’ll be ready to snap their fingers to save the world from disaster!The Test RunJust outfit your child with this glove and observe! If they use it to try to save the world, then you’ve got a promising young superhero on your hands. If they use it to wish for every last video game in the world… then you might have some training to do before they’re ready to use the REAL Infinity Gauntlet!