Kid’s Hyena Costume

Whether they are hanging out with the rest of the pack or going out on their own, we know your little one will love our Kid’s Hyena Costume! This costume features a full length jumpsuit with an attached tail and comes with a hood that has the cutest littl


No Laughing MatterAll kids can be what parents like to call “wild animals” sometimes. Why not let your little one unleash the beast this Halloween? If you’re up for it, we have the perfect costume for your child. This Hyena Costume will make your kiddo look like one of the beloved animals of the African wilderness. To be specific, your kiddo will look like a spotted hyena, also known as the laughing hyena!You may think this carnivore treats everything like a joke, but it is one serious predator out in the wild. Candy will be your little one’s prey this Halloween and trick-or-treating will be the applied method of hunting. With the help of this exclusive Hyena Costume, your kiddo will be sure to have the most successful hunt of his young life!Design & DetailThis animalistic transformation is much easier than it sounds. The costume has two simple pieces. Start with the bodysuit, and your child will hardly be recognizable from their neck down to their ankles. Spots cover the shoulder and hip areas of the jumpsuit to let other wild animals know not to mess with your little predator. There is also a tail with a tuff of brown fur at the end of it attached to the back of the bodysuit.Top off this outfit with the headpiece. It is designed with fun and friendly details. It is has a pair of soft ears, a big set of kind eyes, dark brown hair that, to us, resembles a Mohawk, and a shiny black nose.Do Not Attempt to Feed the HyenasBe sure to grab a pair of black or brown gloves as well as a pair of matching shoes. Then you can say “goodbye” to your kiddo and “hello” to your new hyena. Oh, and be sure not to get your hands to close to their candy pile while they are devouring their prey. You wouldn’t want to lose a finger.