Kid’s Friendly Alien Costume

Be apart of the sci-fi alien creatures with the Kid’s Friendly Alien Costume. Watch as you transform into someone who has four hands.


Aliens as FriendsAliens really get a bad rap. In just about every movie and cartoon that we’ve ever seen, the aliens are always power-hungry bad guys who are trying to take over the Earth. Are all the aliens out there trying to conquer the universe? We certainly would like to think that there are a few friendly aliens cruising through the galaxy! Maybe instead of trying to blast the Earth to smithereens, those green fellas just want to share a cup of tea or play some video games with us!Well, maybe your child can put a good name out for all of the aliens in the galaxy! Instead of a ray gun, maybe your child can wield a squirt gun! All that’s needed to get started as the galaxy’s most friendly alien is this Made by Us, exclusive outfit!Design & DetailsOur costume designers set out to craft an alien costume that blends the classic, cosmic look of an alien with a friendly style to help give those aliens a good name. This Friendly Alien Costume for kids is what they came up with! It starts with a highly detailed jumpsuit that has a shimmering silver finish, along with stuffed arms attached to the sides. It also features green sleeves for a classic extraterrestrial look. Of course, the best part about this costume has to be the hood! It’s made of foam-backed fabric, and it has an antenna and ears on top. The front has a big white eye and plenty of space for your child’s head. Put it all together and you have a classic alien look that’s ready for playtime.When All Else Fails…Of course, if the peaceful alien approach fails, your child can always go on a quest to conquer the Earth for the alien race! This kid’s alien costume is definitely suited for all of those battle-hungry aliens out there!