Kid’s Cozy Spider Costume

Become a creepy, crawly, and comfy spider with the Kid’s Cozy Spider Costume. This cozy spider costume is exactly what you need this Halloween season.


The Spider WordsCozy isn’t really the first word that comes to mind. It’s not even close to the top of the list of words we think about when we see a spider. Usually, we think of things like creepy, scary, freaky, and the spawn of evil, are words that we’d more generally use to describe a spider. That makes them the perfect creature to dress up as during Halloween… but it did get us thinking. Just because normal spiders are pretty far from cozy, we could still make a cozy spider costume! We asked our costume designers to make one and they did not disappoint.They took one of the creepiest crawlies that the world has to offer, the spider, and combined it with an extra comfortable fit to create a costume that any kid can wear as they freak out their friends on Halloween night!Design & DetailsThis exclusive, Made by Us costume for kids is a comfortable, onesie-style costume that transforms your child into a spider. The jumpsuit is made out of a soft material and fits with a zipper in the front, making it easy to change into and extra comfortable, almost like a pair of pajamas. The front also has the classic red hourglass symbol of a black widow spider. It also has 3 legs attached to each side of the jumpsuit, so your child will get the full-arachnid experience. The hood even has multiple pairs of small black eyes on top, because you can’t be a spider unless you have a crazily unnatural number of eyes! It all combines for a costume that’s both cozy and kind of creepy!A First for EverythingOnce your child wears this spider costume, you’ll be able to witness the first cozy spider that you’ve ever seen! It’s comfortable design also makes it easy for any child to wear all day or during their next costume party.