Inflatable Walker

No old man or old lady costume would be complete without a walker. Make sure you get this Inflatable Zimmer Frame walker this Halloween season and let all them young whipper snappers know you mean business.

Items Included
  • Inflatable Walker
  • Measures approx. 30″ high x 18″ wide x 12″ deep when inflated
  • Can be inflated either by mouth or machine
  • Not recommended for use on inflatable escalators.


“Hey, you kids, get off my lawn!” If you’ve ever heard this before, then you were somewhere you clearly shouldn’t have been. You would be in serious trouble if you got caught, but in most cases, the owner of the lawn in question was not too quick on their feet, and could be evaded with little effort. This has been saving many lawn-trespassers for decades, but if it ever changes, there’s no telling how many kids it would cause to have to walk a few extra feet around a yard, rather than straight through it. Well, whipper snapper, keep your running shoes laced tightly, because the old folks chasing you off of their lawn have a new secret weapon: the Inflatable Zimmer Frame walker. One second, they appear to be working their way toward you at a snail’s pace, fist waving in the air, and the next second, they reveal and inflate this covert mobility aide they had hidden away in their pocket. But by then, you may already be out of time…