Infant Toddler Superman Costume: Unleash Tiny Heroic Powers

Let your tiny tot become the man of steel this Halloween. This Infant / Toddler Superman Costume is perfect for your little super-fan!


A GENUINE SUPER KIDThere aren’t many superheroes out there that are ready for heroics right away as a kiddo. But, Superman began straight off as the Baby of Steel! Heck, half the time, we see a diapered Superbaby hoisting a chair over his head or hoisting a truck off a surprised Mr. Kent! There are plenty of heroes out there who donned their first capes early on in life, but you’d be hard-pressed to find many who were juggling heavy farm machinery and flying around their living rooms at the age of three. Now there’s a hero a toddler can relate to!Of course, super achievements are all relative. For some kids, it’s leaping tall buildings in a single bound. For others, it’s climbing to the top of the jungle gym without any help or pouring a glass of milk and only spilling a couple of drops. Imagine the tale of Superkid who managed to put on their socks and shoes all by themselves… not to mention the rest of their heroic garb!PRODUCT DETAILSStill, it’s fun to pretend, especially when you’ve got all the right equipment to look the part. This Superman costume for infants and toddlers is a great way to play superhero dress up for Halloween or daily fun. It is a jumpsuit with all the classic Superman styling, including the red-and-blue color scheme, a printed yellow belt, and the iconic House El emblem on the chest. The red tear-away cape and faux boot cuffs make for the final heroic touch. You don’t have to be a Superkid to be a super kid, but this outfit brings you that much closer.A HERO WITH HEARTSuperman would be the first to tell you that you don’t have to be rounding up escaped prisoners from the Phantom Zone in order to be the hero of your own storyline, so we know your kiddo is going to love feeling just like the hero with the biggest heart of them all!