Incredibles Youth Comfy Throw: Snuggle in Superhero Comfort

Join the Incredible family with the Incredibles Youth Comfy Throw. This not the best fighting suit, but it is great for relaxing and watching all of the fighting!


Another Super-SuitEdna Mode is a world-class super-suit designer. Both times the Incredibles came to her for something better, faster, stronger, she created just what they needed. So we weren’t entirely surprised when we saw this seemingly out of the norm design.Just because they’re superheroes, doesn’t mean the Incredibles don’t need to rest sometimes. Whether they’ve come down with a cold or just need to take a well-earned nap, this version of the super-suit looks up for the task, and now your kiddo can relax with the same powers!Product DetailsKeep your child feeling just as strong as the Disney superfamily with this Incredibles Youth Comfy Throw! Wrapped in the super-soft blanket, they’re sure to feel as ready for action as a revved-up Dash after a good night’s sleep. Though it’s not great for fighting a supervillain, this machine-washable sleeper blanket is ready for sick days and movie nights alike. Measuring 48 inches by 48 inches, you won’t need to ask Edna Mode for a size update anytime soon either. Whether your kid is growing as fast as Jack-Jack or looking to enjoy a mellow night like Violet, this cozy blanket is a great gift for the little superhero!After a Full DayThey may not be fighting maniacs and mole-men like the Incredibles, but after a long day of schoolwork and play, your child is probably feeling just as spent. So, get them ready for a rest worthy of their favorite superfamily, with this Incredibles Youth Comfy Throw!