Imperial Guard Helmet

Get the ultimate accessory to complete your Star Wars collection with this Imperial Guard helmet. This deluxe Imperial Guard helmet is a must have for serious Star Wars fans.


The Red Guard…now that’s an intimidating security force. They were first implemented by Palpatine after he was elected Supreme Chancellor. The red blended in with Palpatine’s office, and their quiet yet dangerous look was a massive tool in showing the imposing force of the empire. To be one of these guards, you’d have to be the best, being chosen out of millions of other soliders. Not only did they have to be great soliders, but they needed to have unconditional loyalty to the empire and to Palpatine. His word was unquestioned.Which makes sense, because otherwise, don’t you think they’d stick around right before the big fight with Vader and Luke? Don’t you think it crossed their minds that maybe, just maybe, they should hang around in case Palpatine needed backup? Well, they didn’t question his orders and left the room and ended up leaving Palpatine in a vulnerable position of getting thrown down a ventilation shaft by Vader. We think the Imperial Guard is pretty cool, especially their uniforms. They’re imposing and mysterious. Just check out that narrow visor on this helmet. Gives you chills…Now, if you were thinking of becoming one of these elite soliders for Halloween, this officially licensed Imperial Guard Helmet is a must have. Add this helmet to the red robes that the guard wore, and don’t forget to get your wielded force pike, and a heavy blaster hidden under your robe. That will ensure that you’re ready to protect this empire this Halloween…