I Am Captain Marvel Navy Costume Tee

Show your love for Captain Marvel with the I Am Captain Marvel-Navy. You can wear it for a costume or for fun, but we recommend wearing it everyday.


A Style All Your OwnEvery hero has a costume that makes them recognizable and gets them ready to save every world they come upon. Of course, when you’ve gotten used to wearing the armor of a race of wicked conquerors, obviously, you’re going to get rid of it, right? Nobody would trust a hero who is wearing evil armor! Well, if you’re Captain Marvel, you know that you are the one in charge. Folks will forget the Kree ever wore that kind of tech when you reclaim it for yourself. (Plus, who can deny that fantastic color scheme?) Product DetailsGet yourself to casual galactic salvation with this I Am Captain Marvel costume t-shirt! You might feel a bit more supernaturally charged than you expected when you wear this printed tee, inspired by upgraded Kree armor worn by Carol Danvers. It’s totally natural that you’ll feel your shoulders a bit more poised. Your head raised up. Dare we say you’ll even look heroic!? Show off your mighty flex with the short sleeves or pair it with your favorite butt-kicking jeans if you want to save the galaxy in comfort. After all, nobody in the universe is going to tell Captain Marvel how to dress! Galactic CharmWhether you’re saving the universe or kicking back in comfort at your own home, style is the name of the game. This officially licensed Captain Marvel T-Shirt makes sure you’re both heroic and relaxed at the same time!