Hot Rod Plus Size Rod Kimble Costume

Get your motorized bike and your home-made ramps ready because it’s Hot Rod time. Now all you need to do is look the part by wearing this Hot Rod Plus Size Rod Kimble Costume.


Getting Into the Business Most occupations that you can land these days require (x²)*(1/y) years of college, where X is some kind of complicated factor depending on the intensity of the job—we’re honestly not sure how that one works—and Y represents how many years of experience you have in the field. Now, we’re not mathematicians (and we also completely made up that formula), but we do know that it means, somehow, you need to have at least a year of experience in your chosen field or you’re… dividing by zero… and that means something is exploding. And, that sounds bad.Of course, if your job is based on explosions, that’s probably a good thing! Suddenly, we understand how Rod Kimble became such an amazing amateur stuntman! With all of his questionable accounting and the backing of a more comedic show of his skills, Rod concludes that jumping fifteen busses will turn into an even $50k which is the exact amount required to earn step-fatherly approval! If that isn’t dividing by zero to add up to success, we don’t know what is!Design & DetailsBecome the winner Rod Kimball was destined to be by dressing up in this officially licensed Rod Kimball costume from Hot Rod. It’s a part of our Made By Us costume line, put together by our in-house design team to bring the classic comedy character to life. The costume features a jumpsuit printed to look like it has suffered no lack of fire and explosions, along with the stars on the shoulders and bright yellow cape (a requirement of any real stuntperson). Complete the look with the frazzled wig and thick mustache (sold separately) and you’re ready!Experience on Your SleeveThey say you should dress for the job you want! And, when it comes to becoming famous due to your stuntwork, surviving the fires is way more important than how long you’ve been doing it! Look like you’ve survived it all with this Rod Kimball costume… (and maybe re-think actually doing any stunts)!