I Am Captain Marvel Navy Costume Tee: Embody Heroic Fashion

This Hellboy (2019) Hand of Doom Accessory is great for the completing of your costume this year!


Doom!What? We’re excited. Didn’t you hear that there are giants rampaging around town? It’s great. What? Oh no, we didn’t mean the chaos and destruction are great, we’re just excited that it’s happening. You see, if there are giants or other supernatural things trying to wreak havoc on the world, then we’re positive we’re going to be seeing one of our favorite heroes pretty quick: Hellboy. We love Hellboy. He’s practical, no-nonsense, sarcastic, and he packs a mean punch. Of course, the punch is really what you’ve got to watch out for. His right hand is this big rock fist, supposedly the key to the apocalypse or something terrifying. He seems awfully careful with it, but we think it would be awesome to have a hand with that much power. Which is totally why we’re offering this 2019 Hellboy Hand of Doom Accessory. This molded styrofoam fist is lightweight and painted to look weathered and used. The hand comes in two pieces that hook together. Yeah, okay, so this particular version of the hand won’t start the apocalypse (and you probably won’t be able to one-hit a giant with it) but it looks awesome and we’re positive it’ll scare the crap out of whatever baddies you run into. That’s pretty awesome, right?