Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Cosplay Satin Robe: Villainous Look

Oh, the joys of being at home and kicking back in your comfy robe while your Joker is out with his cohorts making mischief. And this robe serves any situation when assuming the role and appearance of one of your favorite characters takes over your life.


The Harley Quinn Day OffDo you think that Harley ever takes a day off? Sha has to, right? Like, does she ever schedule a day off from fighting Batman to just have a spa day? Maybe she takes Bud and Lou for a walk through the park and then gets a cappuccino at her favorite coffee shop. Maybe she heads to the Iceberg Lounge to catch a music show. Or maybe, she lights a few candles, draws herself a nice bubble bath and then curls up on the couch with a comfy bathrobe!Well, now you can relax just like your favorite Harlequin when you wear this officially licensed Harley Quinn robe!Product DetailsThis Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Robe is inspired by the movie, starring Margot Robbie. It’s made out of smooth satin material and has the bright red and blue color scheme that Harley wears in the movie. The robe has printed gold details on the sleeves and matching gold lettering on the back. The robe has belt loops around the waist to fit the included belt, which has metal studs on it to accentuate your rebellious nature! You can wear it while you plot some new devious schemes with Mr. J, or you can wear it while you relax on your day off! Just make sure to hand wash this robe if you want to keep it looking pristine because it is rather delicate.From Cosplay to Vacay DayThis Harley Quinn Robe is a versatile piece that works for many different occasions! Whether you want to wear it while you take a break from fighting Batman, or you just want a cute new way to cosplay as your favorite Gotham City villain, this robe has the look you need to feel like one rebellious baddie!