Harley Jester Pajama Costume

The Harley Jester Pajama Costume is a fun and comfy way to get into the mind of the mischievous Jester!

Items Included
  • Jumpsuit
  • Jumpsuit has full snap front w/ attached hood
  • Hood has padded jester horns w/ attached pom poms
  • Jumpsuit has attached diamond patches on front
  • Officially licensed


DREAM OF MISCHIEFWhen you’re the right-hand gal of the most notorious villain in all of Gotham (and both of you might have a slight need to spend some time in serious therapy), you know that you’re bound to have a ton of creative ideas and impulses that might be just a little tough to put to rest.  You’ve an active gal with places to be and things to do!  And, only half of them are just to impress your darling Mr. J.  You’ve got plenty of things you want for yourself, too! The bright and creative have huge dreams and nothing like the “real world” could possibly contain them all, much less bring them to fruition.  In scenarios like these, you need to look beyond conventional society and find ways to bring your dreams to reality.  That probably is going to involve some crazy machine built by yet another of Gotham’s mad scientists.  So… until that is ready, we’ve got a way that you can live out those dreams (and not be sent to Arkham).PRODUCT DETAILSWe, of course, speak of this fantastic Harley Pajama Costume.  This oversized and super fluffy kigurumi style Harlequin jumpsuit covers you head to ankles in the look that Harley Quinn made famous.  The red and black checkerboard look?  Check!  The iconic black and red card markings?  Got ’em!  The oversized hood that will make you feel like you’re drifting into dreamland?  Well… that’s not normally part of her look, but we definitely have that here, too!  JUST LACKING A MR. J!When you drift into your cozy slumber or meander through your waking days in this Harley Quinn Pajama Costume, you’ll have everything you need to achieve all your goals (though we hope you just aim for the mischief and fun ones).  Of course, you can team up with the Joker, too, with a similar nighttime look and make Batman really wonder what you are up to this time!