Gorilla Costume Toddler

Doll up your little creature in our Toddler Gorilla Costume. This suit comes with furry hood, torso, and arms/legs for that beastly look.


Wild Wild LifeKids are wild. It’s a simple fact of life and one that has plagued parents since the dawn of time. One second they look all innocent, playing quietly on the floor and the next, they’re bouncing off the walls like some kind of escaped zoo animal. It can be pretty exhausting, but for most kids, it’s just a phase. It’s one of those things you just have to ride out until they get older and calm down a bit. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to have fun with it… complete with some great photo opportunities!All you need is a little imagination, your phone, and this adorable Toddler Gorilla Costume! Get your little one all dressed up in this outfit, feed them a banana, and let them go wild for a bit to get some perfect pics to send to the family!Design & DetailsThis Made by Us gorilla costume comes with everything your little one needs to go ape! Our costume designers crafted this full body jumpsuit to mimic the look of wild gorillas. It’s covered in a thick layer of black faux fur that should help keep your little one warm, which is perfect for any chilly trick or treating night. The front has molded muscles in the chest, giving your child a real, gorilla-like physique. Finally, the hood has a cute pair of ears on the sides and it has a generous opening for your little one’s face.Real Wild ChildThe next time your child gets a little rowdy, make sure that they’re dressed for the occasion! This Toddler Gorilla Costume gives your child the look of a real wild animal. Just make sure you have a healthy helping of bananas on hand, because your little one might just start to crave them while wearing this outfit.