Girls Wonder Woman Onesie Newborn 2 Pack: Tiny Heroes’ Attire

The Girls Wonder Woman Newborn Onesie 2-Pack allows for easy diaper access and is officially licensed. Your little superhero in training will love them!


Justice League TraineeEveryone starts somewhere! Even Wonder Woman wasn’t always the crime-fighting powerhouse that she is today. At some point, she was scooting around the floors in Themyscira, trying to avoid naptime just like your little one. She hadn’t quite figured out how to use the Lasso of Truth or how to work the controls of the invisible jet, but that takes time! In good time, your little one just might become the mightiest superhero in the Justice League, but for now, you’re going to have to show her the ropes until she’s ready. Of course, some inspirational hero wear may be just what she needs to inspire her to become a superhero! The good news is that this Wonder Woman Newborn Onesie 2-Pack is perfect for getting your little one into the heroic mood.Product DetailsThis cute 2-pack comes with 2 different onesies, both inspired by the iconic DC superhero. One of them is styled like Wonder Woman’s classic superhero outfit, while the other has printed Wonder Woman symbols all over it. Each one is made from a cotton and poly blend that’s comfy for any little hero-in-training. They have snaps in the crotch, providing a convenient option for diaper changes (if diaper changes can ever be called “convenient”).Little CosplayerIf you’re planning a Justice League-themed group costume, then this two pack is an easy way to dress up your little girl as a member! Since the costume onesie recreates Wonder Woman’s outfit from the comics, your little one will be ready to bravely lead the entire family in a fight against the forces of evil! And, the best party about it? You can use it as everyday wear for your child, even when you’re not dressing her up for your next costume party!