Faux Leather Cat Mask with Lace-Up Back: Sensual Costume Accent

If you’ve ever wondered, ”Hey, where can I get a Corset Lace Cat Mask?” well, now you’ve got your answer! There’s a ton of great costume ideas to be had with this unique look.


In case you haven’t noticed (or been on the internet for the past couple decades), cats are totally in right now. People are posting pictures and videos of cuddly kitty cats lying under a bunch of pillows, hiding in silly places, or being bothered by other kitties, and it’s just a feline free-for-all out there! But did you know that not all cats are so cuddly? Some of them can be pretty devious, while others can be downright ferocious, which makes for some sassy costume ideas.There are as many types of cat costumes out there as there are types of cats, which is a lot. If your kitty themed outfit needs a little more allure, this Corset Cat Mask will make the “puurfect” addition. The hood-style mask is made of stitched faux leather, and can be adjusted with corset-style lacing in the back. It features matching cat ears on the top, to give your slinky costume a feline touch. Since cats are so popular right now, this mask is practically guaranteed to be a hit!