Evil Maniac Green Wig: Sinister Hairpiece for Your Costume

Harness your super villain powers when you wear this Evil Maniac Green Wig. This wig features medium length dark green wavy hair and will have you looking like an arch nemesis in no time!


Power UpSometimes it’s obvious what a supervillain’s powers are. They’ve got robotic legs or can morph into a gelatinous blob when they get cornered. But the best supervillains have powers that are hard to pin down. The villain is simply seen as powerful and when you stop to think about it, you realize that they really don’t have any physical attributes that make them unstoppable. So what gives these baddies the ability to stand up to good guys with bulging muscles and supercars? Well, that would be their charisma. An unsettling smile, a way with words, and a look that stands out in a crowd. Collect your very own supervillain charisma when you slip this curly green wig on your head and you’ll be ready to start your very own villainous scheming!Product DetailsThis green wig is a unique take on the infamous maniac’s style that we all know, love, and fear. A wig cap keeps your hairstyle in place, even as you make your next villainous move. The shaggy layers have crimped curls, making it work for both men and women. Pair it with a purple suit and a sardonic smile, and you’ll be ready for the comic limelight!