Dog The Lion King Simba Costume

Your best friend will roar in this The Lion King Simba Dog Costume. Don’t keep Fido out of the family fun.


Circle of AwwwPicture it now—the orange sun, just breaking the horizon. The call of the vocalist in the background. The many creatures of the African plains going about their lives until they hear the news— a cub has been born! Everyone rushes to Pride Rock to greet the little prince with their best bows. Rafiki emerges with Mufasa and Sarabi to show off the newest family member. Okay, this is your cue! Raise your pup to the sky as Disney’s favorite lion in this Lion King Simba Dog Costume! With this costume in place, you can pretend your dog is really a lion for the day. Product DetailsThis costume resembles a fully grown lion, not a cub, but that doesn’t mean you can’t swing them around like a cub! The bright yellows and oranges recreate Disney’s animation style, complete with a lighter yellow tummy fabric. The tail is stuffed so that it can wave proudly as your pup prances about. Faux fur on the tail and around the face make this suit all about Simba in his prime. The mane is sewn into the hood, which then attaches under the chin. Easy to put on and remove, your pet can enjoy playing make-believe!Can You Feel the Love?It’s already hard to resist petting your cute furry friend. With this adorable Simba costume, it will be tough to keep your hands to yourself! Whether you and your dog have been invited to a costume party, or you want your pet to have some Halloween spirit while trick or treating, this look is a real winner. Get ready to hum a lot of Disney tunes, and to buy Simba some doggy treats. They deserve all of your attention and praise! After all, everything that the light touches is theirs.