Demon Costume KISS

Take the stage by storm in our KISS Demon Costume. With our exclusive costume, you can be Gene Simmons for the night.


A Demon in the RoughIn the land of rock and roll, one Demon reigns supreme. He is the one and only Gene Simmons, singer of KISS. Draped in black clothes and covered in metal spikes, he wields a bass guitar capable of entrancing the legions of fans with the thunderous music of outlaws. Clad in white and black paint, his face takes on the form of a mythical creature, more devil than man. Since the 1970s, no one has matched his authority when it comes to rock! He is legend, and along with his band, KISS, he owns the stage. Now, with this officially licensed KISS Demon Costume, you can get a taste of what it’s like to be the most prolific rocker of our time.Design & DetailsOur costume designers worked hard to get The Demon’s style mastered. Then, they pared it down into this simple, yet devilish outfit. Based on the Gene Simmons’ stage outfit, this KISS Demon Costumes comes with everything you need to look like a rock god. The costume includes a jet black jumpsuit that has a deep v-neck in front and fits with a zipper in the back. It has plenty of silver, metallic studs printed onto the front and back, while the cape takes the shape of demon wings and features the same silver, metallic studs. Foam spikes run along the shoulders, give the whole outfit a dangerous look, which is perfect for the stage.A Taste of GreatnessWhile no one can fill the shoes of Gene Simmons, you can get a glimpse of what the rock and roll lifestyle feels like when you wear this officially licensed KISS costume. Just make sure to get your makeup down just right and you’ll be ready to hit the stage as a rebel rocker.