Deluxe Adult Flash Costume: Embrace Speedster Heroism

When running at the speed of sound is just a light jog for you, there’s only one outfit you should be wearing: red with lightning bolts. The deluxe adult Flash costume has all of that going on for it.


There’s really only one thing better than coming in first for a foot race… coming in really first in a foot race where everyone else is in super-clocked race cars! Really, when you think about it, the Flash just has it too good. He’s attractive. He’s fast… really fast… like Superman-is-out-of-breath-what-a-slow-poke-fast! He’s a genius. And, he’s got a sense of humor that even quicker than his feet. (Is that an extension of his super speed? …Excuse us; we need to run to the GeekChecker3000.)Ahem. While we’re looking that up, let’s get into the real questions that brought you here. Why the Flash over the others in the JLA? Batman is smart, rich, and pretty devilishly attractive and they both share a pretty tragic background… but Bats just takes too long to get ready for a party. That belt with all those gadgets? He’d never even get to see the Martian Manhunter do his transfiguration trick. We already discussed the whole ‘faster than Superman’ and Flash get to shoot lightning. Way cooler than eye lasers and his speed can replicate the frosty breath and super punches. Wonder Woman? …Okay, you’ve got us with Wonder Woman. She’s amazing.But, assuming Wonder Woman is already taken, the Deluxe Adult Flash costume is all you. The iconic red jumpsuit complete with lightning bolt emblems and foam-comfort musculature is not only ready to intimidate every other racer but is also fully licensed! The hook and mask combination is fastened with fabric ties and foam boot tops ensure total comfort while you are clocking (literally) unseen speeds. Join us as Flash this season… er… rather, we’ll catch up to you, Speedster!