DC Women’s Harley Quinn Tights: Embrace the Mischievous Style

This pair of DC Women’s Harley Quinn Tights will look great with any outfit or as part of your Harley Quinn Halloween costume.


Trouble. If that’s not Dr. Harleen Quinzel’s middle name, then it probably should be. She started off as a psychiatrist, then got herself mixed up with the Joker. She started fighting Batman on the regular and gained an affinity for black and red color schemes. If all that doesn’t sound like a troublesome girl, we don’t know what does. Of course, if you’ve got a flair for trouble-making, then maybe it’s time you took a note from Dr. Quinzel and upgraded your wardrobe to something a little bit more…bad!These Harley Quinn tights are inspired by the DC villain. The tights are made of a stretchy nylon, ensuring a form-fitting style. One leg has the bright and piercing red worn by Harley, while the other leg contasts that with a deep black. Printed diamonds on the leg add to the classic harlequin style. All of it combines for a look that’s ready for a night of mischief in Gotham City.