DC Comics Wonder Woman Costume Bodysuit with Cape for Women

Unleash the superheroine in you with this DC Comics Wonder Woman Costume Bodysuit with Cape. This Wonder Women printed bodysuit has a detachable cape.


Always at the ReadyAre you a boss who’s ready for anything? Do you know how to keep your chill even when everything seems to be going wrong? If you believe in being prepared for whatever might come your way, you probably were thrilled to see the woman of Themyscura training in paradise. There was no actual reason to be training for a war, for all they knew the god of war was dead. And yet they continued preparing for hundreds of years. So it’s no wonder that Dianna was ready for the travesties of war when she traveled to Europe during WW1. People didn’t know what kind of power she held so we can’t blame the shell-shocked soldiers for underestimating her. But how great was the scene when she pushed through no man’s land to save a stranded village? She had a few accessories at her side, of course, her shield, her gauntlets. But her biggest weapon was all those years of practice as she grew up!Product DetailsThis bodysuit is covered with Wonder Woman’s uniform print. The scooped bodysuit has a deep blue background and the golden eagle bodice. The red cape will make you feel like a superhero, it attaches with hook and eye strips on the shoulders.Everyday HeroYou can go as far as you want with this look. Throw on a pair of jeans and go out on the street as a casual Wonder Woman who’s simply patrolling the streets. Wear it solo and pair it with the gauntlets and tiara and you’ll be ready for a summertime costume party. Or go all the way with a pair of matching tights and red boots and you’ll be comfortable at comic book conventions and midnight premiers. Hmm, seems to us you’ll be wearing this look every day!