DC Comics Women’s Flash Active Leggings: Speedy Style Statement

Use the power of looking super awesome in these DC Comics Flash Active Leggings for good instead of evil!


Speedy like The FlashTime to speed into your next party just like the Flash. Don’t think you’re up for it? We have confidence in you! So long as you look particularly speedy. Of course, if you’re a lady who’s looking to put together her own costume to portray The Flash, you might go with a typical jumpsuit costume, but those are cut for men. It would work, but we have a way to put together your own women’s Flash costume. Just build a DIY look around these DC Comics Flash Active Leggings!product DetailsThese are Women’s Flash Active Leggings are DC Comics officially licensed, and ready for you to wear them for a spin around town. 86% nylon and 14 % spandex. With a sporty design, they feature a black side seam see-through mesh design and a Flash logo on the upper thigh.Workout with the FlashThese leggings make for an everyday great selection for hitting the gym. With the speed of the Flash backing you up, you might just make it that extra mile you’ve been looking to add to your routine! Of course, that said, these active leggings are comfy and pretty great for lounging around, too. They’ll be super handy to keep around when you’re planning on staying in and watching Justice League!