DC Comics Toddler Supergirl Costume: Tiny Heroic Adventures

It seems that the world needs saving again and it can only be done by one little girl. Your young one will be set to rescue the world in this Supergirl Costume Toddler!


The world needs saving again, and it can only be done by your super cutie!You always suspected that you might be descended from Diana Prince…but once this little girl started growing up, you knew your suspicions were right on the money! After all, you find it a little impossible for a little one to be this smart, funny, and cute without containing some genetic trace of a superhero! Sure, lots of kids are cute and smart, but none of them can quite match up to yours (not that you would ever say that out loud and be #thatparent, but we’ll totally do it for you!). So now that you know your child is extra superhero special, what do you do to make sure you’re raising them to be the best hero they can be?Easy! You get them this Supergirl Costume Toddler! In this adorable costume, they’ll look and feel just like the superhero they’re meant to be, and will be ready to rescue the world when the time comes (it might come sooner than you think…just saying. It’s how it always happens in the comics!)! Just like the fashion worn on Planet Krypton, this Supergirl dress consists of a royal blue top with a red skirt. The red shirt sports a Supergirl shield on the front, and has an attached cape on the back. The costume also comes with a gold foam belt and red and gold boot covers! With these fun costume details, she’s sure to be just the hero your home needs!