Dark Knight Plus Size Bane Adult Costume: Embrace Villainy

Break the Bat in this Dark Knight Adult Plus Size Bane Costume. This supervillain costume is sure to please the most hardcore Batman fan.


Speak of the Devil and He Shall AppearDo you remember when The Dark Knight Rises came out? People heard that Bane was the villain and no one really knew what to think! After all, the Christopher Nolan Batman movies were gritty and realistic, and Bane from the comic books was, well… a luchador wrestler who carries a tank full of venom to help him acquire super-strength to fight his enemies. Seems like the kind of character that would be difficult to portray on screen as both believable, yet menacing!Well, Christopher Nolan and Tom Hardy managed to pull it off, because Bane in The Dark Knight Rises has proven to be one of the most menacing and physically imposing movie villains of all time! And this Dark Knight Plus Size Bane Costume does a spectacular job of capturing his intimidating look.Product DetailsThis plus size costume takes its inspiration from Batman’s greatest foe in the Christopher Nolan movies. It comes with a fully lined jacket with a detachable collar. It also has brass-colored buttons in front along with front pockets. The vest fits underneath the jacket and has matching brass-colored clasps and padding to help recreate the look from the movie. The black pants have elastic in the waist for a comfortable fit, along quilted knees to help you during your big duel with The Batman. Finally, the included mask is made out of molded latex and is painted to resemble the one worn by Bane in the movie. It slips on over your head to complete the whole outfit.Practice the Bane VoiceIf you want to dress up like the deadly villain from Christopher Nolan’s final chapter in the Dark Knight movies, then this plus size Bane costume is an easy choice! Just make sure to start practicing your creepy villain voice now, so you’ll have it down!