Cyclops Plush Hat for Women: Quirky and Cozy Headpiece

Take over the night with the Cyclops Plush Hat. Featuring a large silver design with a big eye and a horn on top too!


One-Eye AwesomeYou’ve heard the old tales when Cyclops roamed the earth causing havoc for the old heroes. Why do they only have one eye? We may never know. But they’re one of the most fearsome foes to ever grace mythology, and finally, the brutish Cyclops is back from the dead, walking among us again! Okay, okay… that might be a bit hyperbolic, but this Cyclops mask REALLY is cool, and it’s one of the best masks we’ve seen that’s sure to get some attention anywhere you go. Just put your phone at the top and let it play the animation and you’re officially a living, breathing cyclops. The illusion is uncanny!Product DetailsThis specific Cyclops Plush Hat is of the futuristic variety, especially with its chrome accents, soft-sculpted earns, and mesh-covered eye-opening. Wear this thing responsibly, though, because poking around the wrong corner at the wrong time could result in a heart attack or a scraped elbow, or something.