Curious Cat Kids Costume

Your child will love this Curious Cat Costume. Soft and ready to go trick or treating on a chilly October evening!


CURIOUS KITTY…Have you found that your child likes to explore? Sure, that’s pretty common, we think… but maybe they really like testing their boundaries and even tempting their environment. Are they the type that if you told them, “Hey, don’t touch that,” you can guarantee that is an invitation to find out why they shouldn’t touch that thing? Probably by immediately touching that very thing!? We’d like to say that the level of risky curiosity wanes over the years. But, if the number of times a day that we hear “I wonder what happens” around the office is any indication, it only gets more and more common! There aren’t too many defenses against that from happening, but there are things you can do to help prepare your kiddo for those testing grounds (and warn the rest of the world that it is going to happen). DESIGN & DETAILSThe first step is making sure that your kiddo enjoys this Curious Cat costume. It comes with a comfy jumpsuit that is designed to look like an adorable kitty. It is printed with a white belly and gray ‘tiger’ stripes all over the arms, legs, and back. A stuffed tail shows your child is on the hunt for something while the boot covers, mitts, and hood finish the look with the purrfect feline details. Zip up the front and secure the hood with a hook and loop strap and your little kitty is ready for some exploring! … OR TROUBLESOME TABBY?If you’ve got a curious kiddo that’s going to get into trouble one way or the other, you can warn the world and keep your little pal just a bit protected with this Curious Cat costume. Everyone will naturally want to keep an eye on this adorable kiddo cat and the fuzzy jumpsuit and mitts might even keep them safer!