Classic Thor Deluxe Child Costume: Embrace Mighty Heroism

We think this Classic Thor Deluxe Child Costume will be the perfect costume this year for your favorite little Avengers fan! This full length jumpsuit features a muscle chest and Thor’s classic costume printed directly onto the fabric.


Kid of ThunderCan you imagine what Thor was like when he was a young god? Do you think that Odin and Frigga had to scold him to eat his vegetables at dinner time? Did they have to tell him to clean up his room before he could go play with his friends? Did they make him do his homework before bedtime? It’s tough to say just what Thor’s parents went through when raising a young kid into godhood, but by the time he hit 1,000, he seemed to be one pretty well-adjusted god!Of course, if you plan on raising your child into a god-like superhero, just like Thor Odinson, then it might just might be time to outfit your child like the iconic Avenger! This Deluxe Classic Thor Costume for kids captures the look of Thor’s outfit from the MCU!Product DetailsThis kid’s costume is officially licensed from Marvel and is designed to make your child look just like Thor! The costume comes with a jumpsuit that has muscle padding in the chest and arms. It also has printed details on the exterior, like faux metal armor pieces and muscle definition, to help add to the realistic look. The wrists have gauntlets, to give your child a battle-ready look and the pants end in boot covers that fit over most pairs of shoes. That means your child can wear their favorite pair of shoes while still remaining fully in character! And, naturally, every superhero needs a cape! This costume conveniently comes with a red cape to help your child feel heroic as they battle against the forces of evil. Finally, the headpiece adds the finishing touch to the outfit, completely transforming your child into the Avengers’ mightiest member.The Next PhaseIf you want to raise your child to be the mightiest hero of all time, then you must start with this Thor costume for kids! Just make sure you add a hammer to your order to help him face-off against the next phase of supervillains!