Classic Premium Wonder Woman Costume for Women: Heroic Attire

Gear up in the Women’s Classic Premium Wonder Woman Costume and get ready to beat up some bad guys!


Choices, ChoicesFeeling invincible today? Sure, you could wake up sleepy-eyed and stand before your closet, where you select yet another pedestrian T-shirt-and-jeans combo, or…you could spring out of bed, bound across the room, and slip into this Classic Premium Wonder Woman Costume! The choice is yours, of course, but we know what we’d pick!That’s because this costume has the power to change your whole day! Wonder Woman is your hero—strong, competent, and willing to fight for the well-being and justice of others. She’s pretty much the complete package, as far as you’re concerned. Plus, she’s got awesome accessories and a cool invisible jet. By opting to head out in this costume, you’re saying to the world, “I’m a freaking superhero today!” No one will mess with you, and everyone will want to be you. Of course, you can also rock this look on Halloween for an incredible costume party entrance—but we like it just as much for a casual day of errands. Just because you can!Product DetailsThis look features Wonder Woman’s classic colors—a red bodice over a white-star studded, blue skirt. Red and white boot toppers turn your legs into fortresses of power, while the gold cuffs, belt, and tiara add to Wonder Woman’s signature look (not to mention, powers!). The double “W” symbol is emblazoned on the chest, which means don’t leave home without your Lasso of Truth! Wonder Woman wouldn’t be caught dead without it, and you shouldn’t either. Whether you wear this outfit to a nighttime costume party or a brunch party with pals, this super look powers up any day you wear it!Ever Wonder?Have you ever thought about what kind of superhero you would be? Try it out for a day or two (or twelve!) and find out! We think the lifestyle totally suits you, and you’re already a force to be reckoned with. Now your clothes simply reflect your inner power.