Child’s Wacky Mad Hatter Costume

Whether you are heading to a tea party with the March Hare, or going trick or treating with Alice, we think your little one will love this Child’s Wacky Mad Hatter Costume!


Oddest of Them AllIs your kid often a docile, shy little guy or more of a bounce-off-the-walls wild child? Either way, we have the perfect costume for him this Halloween. Check out this exclusive Wacky Mad Hatter costume.They will transform into some sort of crazy looking storybook character.  Just pour the tea and this costume will help your quiet kiddo open up and come out of his shell. Your wild child will love taking on the role of a loopy fashionista, we’re positive he will play the part perfectly.Going around the neighborhood for trick-or-treating will be like a trip through wonderland. There will be oddball children running around everywhere and yours will be the oddest of them all. Does that make them the winner? Well, in our book, the answer is “yes”!Design & DetailsThis goofy getup is actually much simpler to assemble than one might think, our expert costume designers made sure of that. The brown jacket with its vibrant purple accents and the colorful vest with a patchy appearance are attached to one another. This ridiculous combo is the beginning of your child’s descent into madness. An eccentric bowtie and an oversized top hat will complete this odd outfit.On the Scale of One to Tea TimeWatch your kiddo let their loony side loose this Halloween when you get them an exclusive costume from our Made By Us collection. There’s no telling just how wacky your child will get with these silly threads on. They could simply pick out some hilariously senseless outfits for everyone or they could host a tea party that is absolutely bonkers.