Child Catwoman Costume: Unleash Their Inner Feline Charm

Your little girl can now become Gotham City’s greatest thief in this Child Catwoman Costume. This goes great with a whole family of Batman costumes.


To say that Gotham City has some issues is a pretty big understatement. Between mobsters running around and doing whatever they want, and the sinister League of Shadows trying to blow the whole city up, it’s no wonder a few folks are dressing up in costumes and fighting back! Your little superhero fan can save Gotham from evil when she puts on this Catwoman Costume, and look just like her favorite cat burglar and (occasional) crime fighter from The Dark Knight Rises.Selina Kyle, known to some by her catchy nickname Catwoman, is a bit of a loose cannon, but she’s definitely someone you want on your side when things get tough. She can hold her own in a fight, and uses her awesome acrobatic skills to even the odds when she’s outnumbered. She’s also really crafty and sly, so it’s no wonder she and Batman get along so well. Catwoman can use her stealthiness to quietly break into secure areas, and then if she needs some backup or a getaway driver, she can count on the Dark Knight to watch her back while they make a hasty escape!Supervillains and their henchmen won’t stand a chance when your kid is all suited up in this official costume! The one piece jumpsuit is printed to look just like Selina Kyle’s outfit from the movie, and the included eye mask and headband put the “cat” in Catwoman. Maybe your little one will team up with a friend in a Batman costume when they go trick-or-treating, and they can fight for justice and candy as a crime fighting duo!