Captain Marvel Pillowcase Treat Bag: Candy Collection

No one will have the guts to touch your candy when you have the power of Captain Marvel on your side! Go trick or treating with this Captain Marvel Pillowcase Treat Bag and feel true power.


Let Your Little One Trick-or-Treat Higher, Further, FasterWith tons of different superhero movies out there now, kids have so many different heroes to choose as their favorite. Some of the heroes are their favorites year after year while others are suddenly introduced and take the number one spot in their hearts. If your child automatically fell in love with Captian Marvel as their favorite once they saw her movie, we wouldn’t be surprised. Carol Danvers is a strong-willed and strong-minded hero that one can’t help but love. Is your little one dressing up as the new captain in town for this coming Halloween? Well, don’t let them leave the house without this matching Captain Marvel Pillowcase Treat Bag!The perfect accessory to their heroic new look is a treat bag that can hold enough candy to feed all the Avengers. And from what we understand, both Thor and the Hulk have quite the sweet tooth. So to hold enough candy for those two and then some is really saying something! This treat bag features an awesome picture of Carol powering up a mighty blow with her hero logo illuminated by her powers in the background. Your kiddo will trick-or-treat happily know that Captain Marvel is looking after their beloved sweets!