Captain Marvel Girls Gloves: Heroic Handwear for Kids

Complete your Captain Marvel costume with the Captain Marvel Girls Gloves. Let out your inner superhero!


The Finishing TouchYour child is just about ready to save the galaxy! Your girl has probably already been practicing some Captain Marvel moves, like her photo blast attack and her super-sonic flight. Maybe she’s even tried styling her hair into that signature mohawk that Carol Danvers sports in the Captain Marvel movie. Maybe she’s even been hopping into the driver seat of your car, pretending that she’s an ace fighter pilot! And maybe, you’ve already got her a smashing Captain Marvel costume to help let her imagination soar.Well, we have the final piece to truly make your little one feel like a superhero destined to lead the Avengers into battle! These Captain Marvel gloves for kids will put the finishing touch to your girl’s transformation into a superhero.Product DetailsThese Captain Marvel gloves are officially licensed from the movie and they’re designed to recreate the look of the gloves worn by Carol Danvers. The gloves feature a printed exterior, featuring faux armor details and blue fingertips. Just pair these up with a Captain Marvel costume and your young superhero will be ready to do battle with the forces of evil!Ready for HeroismIf your girl is ready to make her debut as the superhero that the universe needs right now, then make sure she has these gloves on her hands!