Boys Luigi Classic Costume

This classic boys Luigi costume will have him ready to team up with his brother Mario to help save the Mushroom Kingdom!


There are people in this world who like to root for the hero, which is a perfectly fine thing to do. They wouldn’t be the heroes if they didn’t inspire that kind of support from the fans. There are also people who like to root for the villains, which makes sense too. The villains tend to be flashy, unpredictable folks with enough charisma to rise to the top. And then there are those people who like to root for the second bananas, the sidekicks, the folks who put in the most of the work and get a fraction of the credit. It’s easy to see the appeal there. Who among us hasn’t felt like the underappreciated also-ran from time to time, after all?Sidekicks don’t come much more lovable than Luigi, the world’s second most famous plumber/adventurer. Sure, Luigi’s been the star of some games of his own, but he’ll always be living in his brother Mario’s shadow. But you know, that seems to be just the way Luigi likes it. He may not get as many headlines, but he still gets to zip around on wild adventures through mushroom kingdoms and haunted mansions and crazy race courses, and he even gets to save the day on a fairly regular basis. What more could a laid-back plumber in green ask for?Show your support for the second banana with this officially licensed Luigi costume, featuring a polyester jumpsuit sporting Luigi’s signature overalls and green shirt, plus an oversized foam hat emblazoned with his iconic “L” and an equally iconic foam mustache (adhesive included). Big-name heroes are all well and good, but sometimes you need to let the world know you appreciate the other guy.