Boy’s Jockey Costume

He will be off to the races in this Boy’s Jockey Costume. Made by us, this is the perfect riding costume for the horse lover in your life!


Real Racer Coming ThroughSend your little one off to the races this Halloween. We’re not talking about burning some rubber on the track. No, your kiddo is ready for the real deal. Leave the fancy-pants cars to the self-proclaimed racers, because the true racers are on horses.Nobody needs 800 horsepower to feel like a winner, all one needs is a single horse and plenty of willpower. Oh, and the right look often helps too. Grab your child this Boy’s Jockey Costume from our Made By Us collection. Without a doubt, you’ll have the spiffiest and speediest racer in the neighborhood with this galloping getup.Details & DesignThis brilliant outfit will have your child looking like a professional equestrian. The long sleeve shirt he’ll be sporting has a lively blue and white checkered pattern covering the torso. There is also a classy white bow tie right beneath the collar. The sleeves share the same colors but have a simpler half and half design. Right above the elbow of the right sleeve is a printed armband with the number 10.The shirt stands out even more with the help of the included pair of bright white pants. Lastly, you can top off this costume with the included cap and pair of goggles. Take a look through our accessories to truly make your junior jockey a one-of-a-kind racer.Need for Speed… and CandyYour kiddo will be telling all the cyclists and drag racers to clear the sidewalk while he’s galloping from house to house. Halloween night can only last so long and your little speedster plans to hit as many neighborhoods as he can. More houses equal more candy; it’s not rocket science. So help your little one out this year by dressing him up with our exclusive Boy’s Jockey Costume. After all, experts do say that one’s speed has everything to do with their outfit.