Black Widow Child Deluxe Costume: Embrace Your Inner Super Spy

If your little girl prefers to imagine she is a superhero rather than herself as princess, we think this Black Widow Child Deluxe Costume will be just the thing to really ramp up the action on her imagination play!


Family MattersBlack Widow has a pretty impressive skill set. She can accomplish just about any mission that comes her way. Sneaking into an enemy base to steal their secret plans? No problem. Fighting against the most dangerous super villains the galaxy has ever seen without using any superpowers? Not an issue. Lead a team of the finest superheroes the world has ever known? Piece of cake. Reunite with some old family members to take care of some unfinished business… well, that one might actually be a bit of challenge for her! Defeating super villains is one thing. Dealing with family? That’s going to take some work!Well, now your girl can help whip your family into shape when she transforms into iconic Marvel character! This Deluxe Black Widow Costume for kids comes with everything your child needs to get the mission started.Product DetailsThis girl’s Black Widow costume comes with a full body jumpsuit that fits with a fastener at the back of the neck. It has printed graphics all over the exterior, like faux armor and red accents. The wrist cuffs are made out of flexible PVC and fit over your child’s wrists with straps. The foam belt has a gold belt buckle in front that lights up and glows red. Put it all together and your child will have an outfit that’s ready for any Avengers mission. It may inspire you to join the mission! Be sure to check out all of our Black Widow costumes to suit up!