Black Panther Pillow Case Treat Bag: Carry Your Things in Style

Finish his Black Panther costume with this Black Panther Pillow Case Treat Bag! It takes a lot of candy to fuel a Panther, luckily this treat bag is the size of a pillow so it will hold A LOT!


Panther SnacksWhat kind of treat do you think that Black Panther likes? If he came over, what kind of treat would you offer him? Does enjoy the rich, smooth taste of milk chocolate or does he prefer chewy fruit candies? Does he like a handful of sour candies or does he enjoy munching on some classic candy corn? We’re just dying to know! Unfortunately, it’s kind of hard to get a hold of anyone in Wakanda, so we’ll just have to keep guessing.Of course, you can be prepared by having all kinds of different candies, just in case he pops over to your place! Your child just needs to get a nice haul from trick or treating this year. Your child is going to need this Black Panther pillowcase treat bag!Product DetailsThis treat bag has the printed image of Black Panther, perched in a battle stance, on the side. It also has a drawstring top and a black strap. It has room for plenty of candy inside, so your child can head out for a round of trick or treating with confidence.Halloween SuccessYou can pair this bag up with your child’s Black Panther costume for a perfect Halloween night! You’ll be ready to gather up all the treats this year.