Black Panther Deluxe Adult Gloves: Style with Wakandan Costume

Your Black Panther costume just wouldn’t be complete without these Deluxe Black Panther Adult Gloves. These gloves feature the Black Panther look from the movie Captain America: Civil War.


T’Challa is the protector and the king of Wakanda so saying that he’s a busy guy would be an understatement. Like any man, super powered or not, he needs to take a break from work every once in a while. So why not help him out and take on the role of Black Panther while he takes a much needed vacation? After all, someone needs to stop Klaw from stealing all of Wakanda’s vibranium and thwart Man-Ape’s plans to take the throne, so it may as well be you!Throw on that vibranium battle suit you’ve had hanging in the closet and grab a pair of these Adult Deluxe Black Panther Gloves to complete your new superhero look. With your claws already out and good to go, you’ll be defending the thrown and kicking bad guy butt in no time! Maybe just sharpen up those fighting skills… You will be going up against villains with crazy super powers and you never know when the Avengers may call upon the Black Panther for some backup in defending the world… So yeah, at the very least check out some old school Kung Fu movies.