Black Metal Royal Crown

No serious queen would ever be caught without a regal crown. So, get this Black Metal Royal Crown and complete your royal look with the best Halloween crown.


Are you tired of being just another pauper? Did you narrowly miss out on being a princess on the technicality that your parents aren’t actually a king or a queen? Do you want to rule with complete sovereignty over your people, like the all-powerful regent you know yourself to be? Well, don’t let fate push you around! Make your own destiny!This black royal crown is made out of metal, so you should have no problem assuming the role of queen, princess, duchess or whatever high-ranking title that you might want to claim for yourself. It has intricate designs and plenty of red faux gems, so you can rule over your subjects with an iron will! It’s the perfect addition to your evil queen costume and you don’t even need to be an actual princess to wear it either! Or if that all seems pretty intense you can just call it a Halloween crown and have a fun time with friends…maybe running the show…just a little.