Black 2nd Skin Mask Costume

If you want to block out the light and see nothing but darkness to reflect the darkness within, then you need a Black 2nd Skin Mask! Pair it up with a superhero look and truly hide your identity.

Items Included
  • Black 2nd Skin Mask
  • Full coverage mask is breathable & see through


The Black 2nd Skin Mask is perfect for any number of occasions. If you’re wearing a mask but don’t want people to see through the eye holes, wearing this under it will make you totally unrecognizable. You’ll see them, but they won’t see you! Also, if you’re making a risky cash withdrawal from a bank or liquor store, slipping this on beforehand is a wise move. Never actually do that, of course. does not endorse committing crime — except for the crime of having fun! Unless the fun is illegal. We’re getting confused now.Our Black 2nd Skin Mask fits comfortably but form-fittingly, giving you a mysterious and all-but-invisible look. Wearing this in the nighttime will make you nearly undetectable, perfect for stealth missions. Wear this while you’re dressed up as Santa Claus and your kids will never know it’s actually you! Might creep them out a little, though.