Birds of Prey Replica Harley Quinn’s Joker Choker for Madness

Looking for a way to show off your love of the newest movie featuring Miss Harley Quinn herself? Get this Birds of Prey Replica Harley Quinn’s Joker Choker to do just that!


A Charmed Life Doctor Harley Quinn proved her genius and claimed her future in psychology at a pretty early age. Had she not run into the Joker, who knows if her passion for the criminally insane would have actually taken such a root in her psyche. All we do know is that since the first time she let out a giggle over her Mr. J, she quickly charmed her way into our hearts. (And directly into the brains of others thanks to that baseball bat!) She’s been collecting trinkets and baubles to commemorate her exciting victories ever since. And, it’s quite the collection! Product DetailsEnjoy just a bit of the style and loud-and-proud attitude of Harley Quinn when you get your hands on this officially licensed Birds of Prety Harley Quinn Choker Replica. This is a faithfully recreated necklace with several chains and dozens of charms. Show your style with everything from soda caps and hooks to a shiny key and… is that a ‘Bruce’ dog tag!? Claim Your PrizeMake sure that your legacy never ends by going the way of Harley Quinn from Birds of Prey. This Replica Choker is an accessory that’s sure to go with anything… mostly because it has a little bit of everything on it!