Birds of Prey Harley Quinn Mallet: Embody the Chaos

Bust out your vigilante vibes, and kick some, with this Birds of Prey Harley Quinn Mallet. Modeled after the same mallet Harley uses in Birds of Prey, this is a must have for you costume.


Harley Means Business!Harley needs a little something extra. She doesn’t have any superpowers—unless you count her amazingly audacious attitude one. That means she needs to have some pretty wicked weapons in her arsenal if she wants to keep pace with all the villains in Gotham City. It’s why she lugs around a mallet! When times get tough, it’s time for her to go full-on hammer time on their behinds!Of course, you might not want to carry an actual mallet around if you plan on cosplaying as Harley Quinn! This prop Harley Quinn Mallet is a much better choice.Product DetailsThis Harley Quinn Mallet is officially licensed from Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn). It’s made out of molded plastic, so it’s much lighter than a real mallet, so you can carry it around with you all day as you cosplay as Harley. It features a smiley face on the face end of the hammer, along with a diamond pattern on the sides to match Harley’s signature look. Just add it to your costume and you’ll be ready to face off against the Black Mask, Batman, or anyone else who stands in your way.