Batman v Superman Wonder Woman Shield: Iconic Costume Gear

Complete your Wonder Woman look with this Batman v Superman Wonder Woman shield.


Listen, Wonder Woman is super strong and all, but we’re going to go out on a limb here and take a guess that getting hit with one of Doomsday’s laser eye-beams still hurts a ton, even when you’re a super powered Amazonian warrior. That’s why Wonder Woman carries a shield with her into battle. It’s not that she can’t take a hit from a big baddie like that (she totally can), but if you can avoid an attack like that by simply holding a shield up to block it, then why wouldn’t you? And if you’re dressing up as Wonder Woman for a party, then you’d better bring one with you too!Based on the one used by Gal Gadot (how awesome is her name?), this Batman v Superman Wonder Woman Shield looks strong enough to block any kind of Kryptonian attack. Unfortunately, Hephaestus wasn’t available to forge this one out of some kind of legendary metal, so we had to settle for polyester and fiberfill. The good news is that it looks amazing, but the bad news is that you should never try to use it to block laser eye-beams. It will not keep you safe in that particular instance. We’ll work on getting into contact with Hephaestus, but until then, this one will at least make you look 100% ready to take on any bad guy!