Batman Forever Men’s Two-Face Premium Costume for Dual Nature

Turn into Harvey Dent with the Batman Forever Men’s Two-Face Premium Costume.


A Flip of the CoinLife for Harvey Dent was tough. As Gotham City’s district attorney, he had to suffer crushing decision after crushing decision, all while watching the city he loves fall deeper and deeper into criminal behavior. The pressure was tearing him apart on the inside. Then, he had a bit of an accident. An unfortunate run-in with a crime boss deformed half of his face, and pushed his mind into a psychotic spiral. After that, decisions became a little easier! Got a problem? Just flip a coin and let fate sort it all out!Of course, he changed his outfit to reflect his brand new outlook on life… and his new face. That’s how his two-tone suit came into existence. Now, you can have that very suit to suit your cosplay needs!Product DetailsThis Premium Two-Face Costume is officially licensed from the Joel Schumacher film, Batman Forever. It comes with a costume suit jacket that features one normal side and one side made out of various animal print patterns. It has a single button in front. The pants have an elastic waistband. The button-up shirt front completes the look with more zebra print on one half! Just make sure you remember to bring a coin with you when you wear this costume, since you’ll need it for all the important decision making!