Avengers Endgame Adult Captain America Gloves for Heroic Look

Complete you Captain America Endgame look when you add these Avengers Endgame Adult Captain America Gloves to your costume! They feature his signature finger-less gloves.


The Gloves Come OnThe universe has no shortage of bad guys. Once you defeat one, another one shows up to threaten the world. That’s why the world needs heroes like Captain America! We need someone to suit up, put the gloves, and get to work fighting the good fight against evil. And yes, the gloves are important! You don’t want to touch bad guys with your bare hands!Hey… maybe you could be the one fighting against supervillains! You just need a pair of gloves, the right attitude… and maybe some Super Soldier Serum. We got the gloves covered if you can supply those other two things!Product DetailsBased on Cap’s gloves from the movie, these Avengers: Endgame Captain America Gloves will have your hands ready to fight against Thanos! The gloves have printed details on the exterior, while the knuckles have small holes on them. This gives the gloves a battle-ready look that pairs perfectly with any of our Captain America costumes for adults.Super Powers Sold SeparatelyOnce you add these gloves to your Captain America costume, you’ll be ready to take on any villain. Of course, we recommend getting a dose of the Super Soldier Serum before you pick any fights with a baddie like Thanos!