Aquaman Boys Union Suit: Dive into the Oceanic Adventure

Wear This Boys Aquaman Union Suit to become your favorite super hero. Features the newest Aquaman Character Suit.


Sleepin’ with the FishesHave you ever wondered how Aquaman sleeps? We have. Actually, we’ve probably spent waaaaay too much time thinking about it. It’s not really like he can snuggle up in a bed like normal humans! After all, Atlantis is thousands of feet under the ocean—his blankets would all just float away when he tries to snuggle up in bed for the night. That’s why we have an ongoing theory that his special suit is designed for sleeping, just as much as superhero work. His suit is probably warm, cozy, and easy to sleep in! We can’t prove it, mostly because we have no idea how to get a hold of Aquaman to ask this important question!Well, now your child can get comfy like we suspect Aquaman does! All they need is this Aquaman Union Suit for kids. With a warm construction and a superhero style, your child will be ready for bedtime or crime-fighting!Product DetailsThis Aquaman Union Suit is a pajama-style costume that’s as comfortable as it is heroic. The suit is made out of an ultra-soft fleece material that almost feels like wearing a blanket. It fits with a simple zipper down the front and it also has rib knit wrist and ankle cuffs to help add to the snug and cozy fit. It also has Aquaman’s suit printed on the exterior of the suit, so it will make your little one feel like a member of the Justice League when they head to bed for the night!From Cosplay to CatnapsWhether your child needs an outfit for a snooze or they need to look their best while they fight supervillains, this cute jumpsuit is a great option! It’s comfortable enough for bedtime, but heroic enough for any aspiring young superhero.